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Earn more Free Time OR get more done. Let the computer do all the Reading Work. It's much better than a plain paper text book. Scan and Create Your Own Talking Picture Books and Photo Albums. Create product demos and price specials with display mode. Useful Study Aid,make notes and generate a synopsis. ProofRead your documents. SpeedRead feature. Separate Scroll for text and pictures. Copy Protected Files can be sold via Softwrap. Dual Voice to reduce Monotony and Male/Female Selection Control. Uses SAPI compliant TextToSpeech Engines. Auto skin changer. RealAudio, add your own voice, music and singing to your photo album and presentations. Make learning and reading far more enjoyable, and at your own pace. Digest a large volume of information quickly and easily. It's like having a brain machine. Warning: BookBuddi is not Entertainment, It's for those into serious learning. It only takes a short while to get used to the computer generated voices.

*.bkk files (in *.zip format) that requires BookBuddi 4.2 Downloaded and installed to View them. Audio books must be unzipped before viewing.

The Highway Code

The Highway Code (UK)  (260 pages) Each RoadSign is important enough to have its own page .


A Level Maths DownLoad to improve your Maths Score.  (Updated Mar 2010 24.85MB).

Absolute Value and Complex Numbers (Updated Feb 2009)

Matrices and related articles

Eigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspace

Laplace Transform (with examples)

Some Math Formulas ( a must see to help understand calculus )


GCSE Science

GCSE Science  Study Guide (Updated Mar 2010 58.34MB).

TransistorsOp AmpsDigital Logic Gates and Data Storage Latches

Control Systems

Control Systems (Incomplete Updated 18 Feb 2009)

Alice in Wonderland by by Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)

Alice in Wonderland Shorter

In the Begining

Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875) :

The Tinder-Box , Little Claus and Big Claus , The Princess and the Pea ,The Little MerMaid

More Books ( including old course notes, child and baby books )

Audio Books. Please unzip 1st.

Learn German

Shakespears MacBeth