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  Reading is for pleasure, not for work, so Let the computer do all of your Reading Work

  Maths and Science made < Difficult with talking equations

         Earn more Free Time OR get more done

         Reduce boredom by reading and writing ebooks

         Increase your knowledge and lateral thinking ability

         Know it All for a job or your own business

        After class, alone time concentration & self tutoring aid

        Get through the theory quickly to have more time for practical work

         It's much better than a plain paper text book

    The ebooks are tested to ensure they are easy to follow

         Scan and Create Your Own Talking Picture Books and Photo Albums

         Create product demos and price specials with display mode

         Useful Study Aid, make notes and generate a synopsis

         ProofRead your Documents

         Controlled SpeedRead function

         CopyProtect your Documents

         Dual Voice to reduce Monotony

         Uses SAPI compliant TextToSpeech Engines

        Auto skin changer

        Real Audio, add your own voice, music and singing voice to your photo album and presentations

        Make learning and reading far more enjoyable, and at your own pace

        Make learning and reading far more comfortable, with a sofa and laptop

        Digest a large volume of information quickly and easily

         It's a better way to learn and do revision work

        It's like having a brain machine

Some Math’s can be difficult, because you need to remember everything you have learnt, to use clever tricks and substitutions, to solve certain problems. See the bookbuddi Laplace Transform book, where this is also done, via the properties of the Laplace transform.

Bookbuddi aims to make it easy to revise your work, to remember these things, and not to miss, one of the very many important bits of information, you need to know, because you can see and hear it clearly. It’s like having a brain machine.

Bookbuddi is a computer program, or ebook reader, with custom made ebooks, that can replace paper text books.

BookBuddi saves the extra work of reading, with text-to-speech technology, and the stress of learning, by having easy to follow, text-picture books. It has speedread and repetition control, for the easy learning of any material. In maths, it also has inline talking equations, in science, talking diagrams. It’s like having a brain machine.

It helps with study from text books like Satnav helps with map-reading, it saves time and stress while giving more money, choice and freedom like we never had before. Time and money is our most precious resource, because we have such a limited and unknown amount, given to us, and every few hours, we have to eat to stay warm and alive. Satnav, like Bookbuddi, is machine aided information presentation. A delivery driver with Satnav, can do more drops in a day, without the extra work of navigating and the stress of getting lost, thereby giving him the freedom to choose between more money or free time.

This software uses the Microsoft Text to Speech Agent Characters, or Real mp3 Audio, to read back books or documents stored in *.bkk files. These files are created by this software, after copy-paste from other applications or scanner+OCR. The bookbuddi ebook consists of multiple pages or topics, each with its own optional picture (left pane) or text (right pane), that when read, highlights the current position and automatically changes to the next page. The separate scroll means that the picture stays visible at all times, as you scroll the text. (real books can't do that ,they require page flipping or a 2nd book).

Also Readbuddi.exe in Program Files\Bookbuddi, copy-paste web pages and other documents to read aloud. 

It is a useful study aid, since you can look at the picture while its explanation is read to you. It allows you to repeat or goto a sentence while reading. (by selecting it with the mouse). By re-reading and repetition, you learn and understand! (saves your eyes, not your ears).

Warning: BookBuddi is not Entertainment, It's for those into serious learning. It is for those that want a good education because they don’t have a special talent, such as good looks, leadership(can sell to or control others),  can sing, draw and be creative, or who are very good at sport or with their hands. For those that did not get into university, it can be used to self-study anything you want and create a degree named after yourself. It only takes a short while to get used to the computer generated voices. You can also go through the book without the voices by using the stop button, the next/prev page button and a wheel mouse. Because it is not web based, it allows you to change pages very quickly.

Please don't judge the product, until you have downloaded and tried it. Bookbuddi can be used for self-study or revision, and makes any subject < difficult, from high-school to university. It is as interactive as you want it, since you can  re-read or speedread with mouse clicks or you can use 0 mouse clicks,  to continuously read, listen to, or speadread the whole book. You can also browse through the whole book as fast as you can a real book, since it runs directly on your PC, (not online). BookBuddi is only as good as, the well written and easy to understand content it presents. Since it is an ebook, there are no space constraints, to provide the fullest explanation possible, with the minimum of, click happy, outside the page, lookups. Also it presents the full length text book versions of the material with some memorizing, (by repetition) note making and test yourself features, that you can bypass, if you want to, so you have full control over your learning experience.  The text and pictures have separate scroll, so you can always see the picture or diagram while following the text. Some of the books in bookbuddi format are; A level maths, GCSE Science and The Highway Code, where each road-sign is important enough to get its own page.

My University studies were Incomplete because:

Lectures involved illegible handwritten note taking, from the blackboard, instead of explaining from (clear?) text book content. Now I use bookbuddi.

Difficulty in finding the correct information from the slow library in time, as there was no internet in my day. (your lifetime is limited, and so is your time to complete a degree or job)

Not wanting to move on, and later return to content, I did not understand. (should have gone to the library, now internet, to find out more, or if lucky, ask someone who knows)

Some content I now understand (missed during all the note-taking?)

Some things just happen, due to laws of Nature, so nothing to understand, such as a magnetic field is generated from moving electrons, but from this basic fact, we can explain other things such as induced current, when by moving a metal wire with free electrons in a magnetic field(or by moving or changing the magnetic field strength),the Motor Effect causes a side force on the electrons moving with the wire, which causes a current to flow. We only get an induced current, with movement, and Force x Distance is required to do Work.

The Inverse Square Rule applies only to point source signals, radiating in a spherical pattern, since its surface area, increases at the rate of r2, thus the flux, reduces at the same rate. That is why some antennas have directional gain, because they squash the signal into a non-spherical shape, concentrating all the signal power into one region of space.

Impedance in a uniform transmission line is constant, no matter how long it is, because the ratio of the current to the voltage remains the same, but its actual value reduces, and complex numbers is an easy way to represent it.(also shows phase differences between V&I).

Integration is the Area under a curve because, by definition, it is the inverse of differentiation. (and just like multiplication which is the inverse of division, the power or index of a polynomial increases with integration, and reduces with differentiation). And because the slope of a curve is y/x, the inverse is xy, the area under the curve.

Natural Logs are related to Natural Decay and not our finger based, base 10 number system.

Positive Feedback is when some inphase output is fed back to the input.

I have successfully updated Wikipedia, with some of my understandings, from bookbuddi.


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Copyright 2001-2012 Paul B Way

This software, Uses Microsoft Agent technology, and the character Genie, that are Copyright (c) 1996-1998 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

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