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BookBuddi Talking Picture Book

Download (Awards)

Download (Awards)
Donate               "BookBuddi is described as a unique and handy software"
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Please click button to download   19.2 MB  May 2012 (shareware) 

Please click button to download .

22.37 MB  May 2010 (shareware)

System requirements: For now: Windows 9x/Me/2000/Xp/Vista/7 + sound card and you may need to install FHG-Radium MP3 Codec for RealVoice. WideSceen 1280 x 768

MSagent update for Windows 7 (Optional) Copy the contents of the MSagent folder to the MSagent folder in the Windows directory to get the character default voice Anna.

Get bookbuddi_aud.exe, if required.

Other languages:

 Microsoft Text-to-Speech Engines
      Mary, Mike, Sam and More (7.3MB)  

 L&H TruVoice TTS Engines
      American English (0.99MB)
      British English (2.54MB) (Built in)  
      Dutch (2.58MB)
      French (2.24MB)
      German (2.18MB)
      Italian (1.97MB)
      Japanese (3.00MB)
      Korean (3.03MB)
      Portuguese (2.39MB)
      Russian (2.85MB)
      Spanish (2.36MB)

Other agent characters can be obtained from


You can get more agent characters from: )


Santa Cring

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